In pretty much everything, but especially tourism, a picture is worth a thousand words. And with travellers, that translates directly into bookings.

In a social media dominated society, where tourists rely heavily on visual cues to make travel decisions, attracting customers equates to the power of captivating photos. Striking imagery, that catches the searching travellers eye, not only stirs emotions but importantly vividly hints at the exceptional experience that awaits.

Good photography is not that hard to achieve. To help, here are some guaranteed ways to harness the magic of photography to add emotion and inspiration to turbo charge your marketing.

  1. The art of composition

Carefully frame your shots so that the feature is in the left or right third of the image, leaving the other two thirds more open, to ‘balance’ the best aspects of your property. For instance, a lazy chair and side table positioned in the foreground against a backdrop of the view to the river or beach creates the feeling of relaxation and peacefulness that will resonate with holiday makers.

  1. Highlight what makes you different (your USP)

Work hard to define what differentiates you from the competition. It could be your location, an experience you have that no one else has, or local wildlife? Use your photos to focus on features that are distinct to you. For example, take a series of close-ups to highlight the intricate details in your breakfasts, local wildflowers, rock carvings or native animals.

  1. Where you can, use natural light

Taking advantage of natural light will add warmth and depth to your photos. Capture the experience you are offering during the ‘magic hour’ around sunrise and sunset to infuse the naturally ‘soft’ light into your pics. Capture the way sunlight dances off the river, lake, ocean or leaves, maybe filtering through your windows, or how it illuminates a special space with a warm ambiance that invites travellers to immerse themselves in the experience only you can deliver.

  1. Tell a story they will remember.

Every picture tells a story, and your business has its own unique tale to share. Curate a series of images that take travellers on the journey you want them to experience. From arrival to departure. Highlight the moments in a cascading set of experiences that will unfold to them as your guests. Capture and showcase the emotions that will make their time with your travel offering unforgettable.

  1. Highlight experiences

Your potential guests want to envision themselves enjoying your accommodation or activity. Showcase the experiences you offer through your photos, such as a family having a blast in your game room, a couple sipping wine on a private balcony, or a solo traveler exploring nearby attractions. A series of captured ‘real’ moments convey a sense of connection and relatability.

  1. There’s no excuse for poor-quality imagery

Investing in a professional photographer will pay off in the long run. High-resolution images will showcase the detail and amenity of what you are offering with crystal clarity. And attention to detail and quality will reflect your commitment to delivering an exceptional guest experience. If can’t afford a photographer maybe rent high-quality camera equipment.

If you’re using your phone to take pics, remember, don’t ‘zoom’ when you shoot, use portrait mode and you can always edit the photos to improve the quality.

  1. Shoot photos for social media

Travellers use social media platforms to explore and decide their travel options, then book online. Ensure your photos are optimised for Instagram (portrait format) and Facebook and are regularly updated to reflect any events, or changes to your business or products.

Engage with your audience by responding to comments and sharing user-generated content featuring your business.

  1. Encourage customer content

Don’t underestimate the power of customer content. Getting them to share their own photos and experiences and reposting these images on your website and social media will add authenticity and a sense of community to what you offer.

The tourism market is both collaborative and competitive. Compelling photos can be your secret weapon to attracting customers to your region and your business. If you emphasise your uniqueness and commitment to quality in your photography, you’ll get noticed and motivate travellers to…’Book Now!’

If you’re grappling with how to create or curate photos for your website or social media channels, reach out to us at and well point you in the right direction.