The Right Distribution Tools

 TXA gives you the very best tools to optimise the Distribution power and potential of the Exchange platform and in the way that suits you.

eXchange Toolkit

Connect your Distribution channel or Distribution technology to TXA now!

eXchange Search and Booking APIs

Use Availability and Booking Web Services to keep the consumer completely within your system right through to booking completion.

Our systems integrate programmatic search of live availability into your search mechanisms to allow for a seamless consumer experience.


TXA’s LaunchPad search, discovery and booking technology, is a leap into a new generation of distributor technology connections to TXA, specifically developed for Distributors, like call centres, travel agencies and visitor centres, who need a low cost, quick and easy way to access and sell TXA accommodation, tours, attractions and events with live content, availability and prices.


TXA is integrated with hundreds of distribution partners