Google Direct is a feature introduced by Google for both accommodation and activities to improve the travel consumer’s experience in finding and booking tourism products. It is a ‘super channel’ for both travellers and suppliers. Here’s why.

Travellers can search for their travel preferences using Google Search and/or Google Maps to find and instantly book without the need to enter and navigate through the big OTA sites.

It enacts Google’s long-standing objective to streamline the search and booking process, offering travel consumers a seamless and efficient way to find, book and pay for their travel preferences directly from their starting point…Google pages.

To achieve this, Google has facilitated integration with a variety of preferred connection partners, TXA being one. This connection enables suppliers to present content (images and descriptions) and real-time availability and pricing information directly to consumers through Google Search and Google Maps. This allows travellers to explore different options, compare prices, and make reservations directly with the supplier seamlessly with just a few clicks. Most importantly for the supplier, the payment is made directly from the consumer to the supplier and with TXA the funds go straight into the supplier’s bank account at time of booking. For the traveller, this eliminates the need to visit multiple OTA websites.

Why has Google done this?  Because it gives consumers more control and transparency in their booking decisions. They now have direct access to tourism supplier’s motivational and booking information, making it easier and faster to plan and chose based on real-time data, reviews, and other relevant details.

It’s about trust and transparency. Increasingly consumers are looking for streamlined and trustworthy online experiences, so they can confidently plan and book their travel confident that they are not being drip fed prices or steered to an alternative destination or experience.

The single most important thing that TXA’s Google direct channel is its 0% commission. A ‘mega’ channel like Google at 0% commission offers the opportunity to reduce your cost of sale and reliance on the big OTAs. Don’t get me wrong, OTAs play a really important role in the online travel landscape, but their fees can be an oversized burden if not balanced by channels like Google. It is critical for tourism suppliers to maximise their share of the booking revenue band retain a more direct and personalised relationship with their guests.

Google through TXA provides a direct link to your own TXA booking pages, you can showcase your unique offerings directly to travellers. This increased visibility is especially valuable for smaller or boutique tourism businesses that may struggle to stand out on the crowded big OTA websites.

TXA is aligned with Google’s objective to enhance travellers experience and engagement in finding and booking travel, offering a one-stop solution for consumer’s needs, from researching destinations to finding products to instantly book, pay and confirm.

If you are interested in reducing costs, maximising revenue using TXA’s Google direct channel, let us know and we will show you the way. Email TXA at or call 1300 266 582.