What is the Open Booking Exchange (OBX)?

V3’s OBXTM technology is the powerful and world leading platform behind TXA.

The key difference with, and advantage of using, the TXA is that it is an ‘open’ and ‘model neutral’ industry-wide platform that is ‘booking system agnostic’. Open to all systems and distributors that want to connect and neutral to whatever commercial model the connecting systems or Distributors may employ.

V3’s Open Booking Exchange (OBX) offers the only solution which allows GTOs and destination marketers to digitally market their industry as destination in an inclusive and commercially neutral way that;

  • Provides a consistent consumer booking experience
  • Enhances the consumer search and book experience by provision of the all-important rate and availability information embedded in the descriptive content and consumer searches.
  • Allows more distributors to access your destination’s products, and ensures consumer interest is enhanced.
  • Ensures the resultant booking is taken, and transacted, by the industry in a secure environment, and by a booking system chosen by the supplier.

How does the Open Booking Exchange (OBXTM) technology work?

V3’s OBX has a range of high quality connections direct to Supplier’s booking systems that allow GTOs and destinations to easily provide access to rich data from a portfolio of accommodation, tours, ticketed events and attraction businesses.

The Exchange has the most comprehensive, sophisticated and easy to use supplier and distributor management tools designed to allow GTOs and destinations to cost effectively market.