TXA has changed the way Australian tourism products are marketed

Changes in the digital world are happening exponentially. The challenge for government tourism offices is to keep up to date with the latest technology and changes, and ensure that online booking systems and marketing activities fully embrace new approaches. Destinations that fail to adopt a leadership digital strategy will not just fall behind, but face the disaster of online anonymity.

Understanding their critical role in ensuring their destination benefits from digital distribution, Australian government tourism organisations (GTOs) have partnered with V3 in delivering TXA specifically designed to seize market leadership reaping short and long-term benefits.

The breakthrough in digital marketing for Australia tourism came in 2008 with V3 and the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) launching Tourism Exchange Australia (TXA), delivering Australia’s first truly open tourism exchange.

By linking tourism providers with distributors in an industry-wide initiative, covering accommodation, tours, attractions, and events, TXA has enabled

Australian GTOs to enhance the Australian industry’s online presence, giving consumers more real booking options and allowing the industry to maximise online conversion of consumer enquiries.

For local, state, national and international distributors, this initiative provides the ‘holy grail’ of access to Australian tourism Suppliers through a single common technology, which is open, inclusive and flexible enough to accommodate all distribution and booking models.

One of the key outcomes of using TXA  is that state GTO have been able to provide state-based data and connectivity to third party distributors within their own digital strategies. For many Australian GTOs, this has enabled them to ensure their industry is well positioned in the multitude of digital distribution options.

Tourism Exchange Australia

V3’s Exchange model has forever changed the way tourism is marketed.

Tourism Exchange Australia is the national booking exchange supported by all State and Federal Government Tourism Organisations. TXA has been selected by Australian GTOs to give their industry a competitive marketing advantage by making their products both visible and bookable on a multitude of Distributors, and to facilitate a more cost-effective way to market the industry.

TXA is an open, inclusive booking exchange, incorporating inventory and pricing from multiple TXA Connected Booking Systems

V3’s Open Booking Exchange (OBX) technology

V3’s OBXTM technology is the powerful engine behind TXA. The key difference with, and advantage of using, the Exchange is that it is an ‘open’ and ‘model neutral’ industry-wide platform that is ‘booking system agnostic’.

Open to all systems and distributors that want to connect and neutral to whatever commercial model the connecting systems or Distributors may employ.