As summer approaches, it looks like being a ‘cracker’. Long and hot!

Now’s the time to gear up for an influx of ‘bookers’ eager to soak up the sun, surf, and the unique experience your holiday home can offer. Your task is to ensure that your property is summer-ready to attract guests and provide a memorable stay. Here are some essentials to prepare your holiday home for the potentially searing summer ahead.

With the El Nino already happening, it’s going to be hot… damn hot!

  1. To keep guests cool during the warmer days, it’s crucial to have either an efficient air conditioning or ambient cooling system in place. Book a maintenance check to ensure your aircon units are running smoothly. If you’re relying on shade and breezes, spell out for the guest how to use open doors and windows, blinds and fans to maximise air flow. Check that your ceiling or mobile fans are working to enhance airflow.
  2. The exterior of your property is the first thing guests will see. Spruce up your garden, trim overgrown bushes, and make sure the lawn is mown, fertilised and watered and presenting in top condition. Clean the BBQ! Invest in new, or tidy up existing, outdoor furniture. Comfortable outdoor loungers or dining set with market umbrellas can create inviting spaces for guests to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather outdoors.

If you feature a pool, it could be the star attraction over a hot summer. Make sure it’s scrubbed clean, well-filtered and compliant with safety regulations. Offer poolside additions such as towels, and inflatable toys. Set up an outdoor entertainment area with a barbecue, creating the perfect space for guests to enjoy alfresco dining.

  1. The number one priority is your guests’ safety, so go through all the necessary safety checks. Put new batteries in the smoke detectors, test all electrical appliances, and check the currency dates on all fire extinguishers. Make sure you have a comprehensive emergency plan with clear procedures, contact information, and how to access local services.
  2. As we all know guests and particularly international tourists can be paranoid about unwanted Australian ‘creepy crawly’ pests. Get a local pest control service to do a’ once over’ to ensure your property is free of insects and rodents (as best you can!). Get your cleaners to clean and inspect areas prone to infestations, such as kitchens and outdoor spaces.
  3. If your holiday home is close to the beach, think about providing guests with beach essentials such as umbrellas, towels, and portable chairs, maybe as a ‘booking extra’. Make it easy for guests to ‘grab and go’ for a day at the beach. You’ll benefit from post-stay reviews.
  4. Give your holiday home a quick refresh by updating older or tattered interior pieces. Ensure that all amenities, from kitchen appliances to entertainment systems, are in good working order.
  5. Create or update a personally curated list of local attractions, restaurants, and activities. Own these as your personal ‘local’ secret tips for beating the summer crowds and getting a heads-up on unique local events in the area during their stay.

Spending a bit of time preparing your holiday home for the summer season requires combining practical considerations with aesthetic enhancements, with a focus on your guest’s experience. A little bit of time and effort getting your property summer-ready, will not only ensure their comfort and safety but also protect your investment and increase the likelihood of positive reviews and return visits.

Make this summer at your holiday home unforgettable for your guests and leave them with lasting memories of the sun, sea, and the unique charm of your special place.

If you’re interested in understanding how to stand out from competitors’ offerings, use the OTAs, social media and particularly Instagram and Facebook to farm more direct bookings. And how a well-designed website can be your most powerful tool to attract, engage, and convert travellers into booked customers.

Next time we’ll be talking about your website. Stay tuned.

To more bookings,

Stephen Wells